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  • Silk scarves are to women as neckties are to men, which can fully show women's personality. Silk scarves can be called a versatile fashion item. They can be wrapped around the neck, around the waist, dotted on the wrist, or transformed into a unique handbag decoration to show their gentle charm

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    In winter, scarves and shawls can protect our neck from freezing. Promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Scarves can be matched with clothes, which are more fashionable. Mature women should look for high-quality wearing styles, stimulate the internal charm with scarves and shawls, and then enlarge the external image charm with internal charm.

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Women scarf for spring | summer

The perfect combination of warmth and comfort Brushed silk scarf, with good moisture absorption and sweat function, as well as good heat preservation and air permeability. Good skin-friendly feeling, can give skin considerate, gentle care.Mulberry silk is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and proteins, and has a good nutritional effect on human body. Can make skin preservation moist, smooth, silk contains the highest fiber "silk volume gap" to absorb and preserve air, with good cold resistance and constant temperature.


Women scarf for autumn | winter

The perfect combination of practicality and fashion Use printing, jacquard, embroidery, cutting and other ways to make the scarf colorful, a variety of animals, plants, flowers, landscape and other patterns to show the diversity of style. Long scarves, square scarves, scarves and shawls in different sizes can meet the needs of different heights and shapes. A variety of colors fully show the beauty and charm of a woman.


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