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What is advantage of brushed silk scarf


Advantages of silk brushed scarf: 1. It breaks the limitation that silk fabrics only appear in spring, summer and autumn, creatively allowing silk scarves to be expected in winter.2.It is smooth like silk also warm like cashmere.3. Compatible with skin and health: Silk fabric is made of muberry silk, while muberry silk is composed of protein fibers. This protein fiber is smooth with the least irritation and friction to human body, so it has good compatibility with the human body.4. Excellent moisture absorption and release: The silk fabric is fully covered with pores to remain water , which to a certain extent can help the skin to keep moisture and not dry.5. Anti-Ultraviolet rays: As mentioned above, since silk fabrics are made of mulberry silk, Mulberry silk contains silk protein which can absorb ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the silk fabrics performs well in resisting ultraviolet rays.

What is brushed silk scarf


What is brushed silk scarf ? In addition to the traditional cashmere and wool scarves, there is a new kind of silk brushed scarffor winter. This latest high-end silk scarf is designed with fine raising processing, completelyopening a new market of traditional silk, breaking the limitation that silk scarves are not expected in cold weather.Different from traditional silk scarf fabrics, this brushed silk scarf is made with 100% natural supermulberry silk--medium-long fiber spun silk, which is woven by various processes, and upgraded twice by special raising equipment. It has completely changed the appearance of silk fabrics, allowing the fibers to be shown in the form of fluff.  Brushed silk fabrics are usually thicker with the suede fine and soft.The brushed silk scarf is called "a second skin of human body". The surface of the scarf is densely covered with air-permeable pores, which are similar to human skin. Thus, the scarf  could meet the human requirements to microclimate.What’s more, mulberry silk is rich in variety of amino acids that are good to human health. With its soft fabric, it is very comfortable to wear silk brushed scarf.It will not irritate the skin like some cashmere and wool scarves. Due to its warm, moisturizing, hygienic, noble and elegant. The silk brushed scarf is deeply loved after public.

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