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  • Silk is the embodiment of texture and taste. Silk pajamas have strong comfort, good moisture absorption, moisture release, sound absorption and dust absorption. The texture is soft and smooth, and the touch is delicate. At the same time, silk can prevent ultraviolet radiation, enhance the vitality of skin cells on the body surface, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and have a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on some skin diseases.

    We spend a third of our time in bed every day, so silk quilt, silk blanket, silk whole set and silk eye mask are very important. Mulberry silk is hygroscopic and breathable. There is no excessive massiness and almost no feeling on the body. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. You can enjoy the comfort and treatment of star hotels and the luxury of physical and mental relaxation at home.

Silk blanket


Silk pajama


Silk pillow case


Silk eye mask


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